Ok, so I just got a review copy of Run the Risk - I'm super enjoying it so far, so no disappointments. On the other hand, I'm still waiting on Jessica Clare's (Jill Myles's) The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male which I'm almost totally sure is going to be even steamier. What can match it in the steamy category, I'm sure, is Jaci Burton's Playing to Win.
    Jaci Burton now has two excerpts of Playing to Win up which is enough to prime anyone. Jaci Burton is also having a little giveaway over on her website, just comment! Susan Mallery, Kristan Higgins and Kate Carlisle are also hosting a giveaway right over here - winner gets a copy of Susan Mallery's All Summer Long, Kristian Higgins's Somebody to Love (or another) and Kate Carlisle's Peril in Papreback. Easy, huh? And both contests are open to persons internationally, so double the fun! Anywho, Shannon Stacey had the cover for All He Ever Needed (Mitch Kowalski's book) revealed today (July 10th) here. I love how Paige looks so gypsy-ish. Happy reading!

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