I'm doing a slow overhaul of my website; reviewing old reviews and adding extra information and excerpts. Yes, I know. I can hear the "It's about time!" s that are being shouted. Dayum, though. Typos, typos, typos major! I mean, I was face-palming like crazy just skimming (Inner me; "Were you sleeping??!!!!", Outer Me: "Pshhh, no one noticed!" *wince*). 
     I'm also going to be adding new sections. I've already started on Sort by... (Author, Publisher, Series), but that's moving veerrrryyy slowly. I also want to add an 'Anticipated Books' page, but I've not yet thought of any structure for that since I anticipate all types of books with varying amounts by category     
     On the opposite side of the track, I've been swamped with review requests. I mean, I love getting them and so many of these books sound *amazing*, but my eyes widen slightly every time I look at my 'review' list.... Every. Time. I'm going to eliminate a bunch before I accept any more, though; that's a promise (lies; I'm going to be looking through galleys tomorrow).
     Right now I'm focusing on Indie titles but, gosh, I'm going to have to speed up my reading by, like, a bazillion. I'm probably going to attach a comprehensive 'upcoming reviews' section as well, just for cathartic venting... We'll see :). Happy reading.

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