Oh, goody. I've been overflowing with books I want to read lately, but I'll always be loyal to my favorite authors, of course. 
   Susan Mallery, which is clearly an author I enjoy reading, is right up there. I can't wait to read All Summer Long that's coming out soon... I'm hoping I can get review an arc, which, of course, beats waiting until July (UPDATE: got it). I love her Fool's Gold series, of course, so, having read all the books thus far, I'm also suspecting that there are books lined up for Ford (Hendrix brother), Evie (Stryker sister) and Kent (Another Hendrix brother).... Anyway, I'm not so sure how I feel about reading Kent after watching him moon over his ex-wife book after book, now. Check out the entertaining Fool's Gold website.
I haven't read Shannon Stacey intensely, yet, but she totally caught me with Yours to Keep (love the book). Because of that, I'm waiting for the next Kowalski; Mitch. It's painful waiting there, though, because Mitch's story isn't coming out until way into the year. Fortunately, I'll soon be able to sate myself with Slow Summer Kisses (UPDATE: Got hold of an arc; my review is here).
   Lori Foster has, of course, given her readers a tantalizing glimpse of her next book Run the Risk (sexy cover, too), which is part of a series she is now working on and is coming out in September.
   I'm totally, totally, looking forward to the second installment in Jessica Clare's (AKA Jill Myles/ Jessica Sims) Bluebonnet series, The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male, especially with such an awesome cover (not that I expected any less after The Girl's Guide to (Man) Hunting).
   I'm also anticipating Erin McCarthy's Jacked Up of the Fast Track series which is coming out quite soon... Can't wait!

Don't even ask my what the legendary Anne Stuart is doing next because, heaven knows, I've no clue but, lemmie say, I'm eager.

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